Tips For Safe Cosmetics Storage

Many women's favorite part of the day is when they take they makeup off in the evening, clean their face and use their rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, or hydrating creams and lotions. Scrubs, cleaners, powder compact, serums, and creams – how many of these products does your bathroom counter host at the moment? How well do you think you are storing everything? Do you suspect the shelf life of your cosmetics is affected by improper storage in high temperature and moist? The way you store your cosmetics can severely impact their shelf life, their effects on your skin and make-up use, and potentially the health of your children curious to swallow or put product in their eyes. It is therefore essential to pay more importance to the safe storage options you are using.

Secure Your Entire Home

This will help you gain a general sense of safety and peace of mind knowing no one can easily get inside your house without your permission. The best way to do that is by:

  • keeping your doors and windows closed/locked at all times, even when you are at home;

  • not relying on old locks you haven't checked since the day you moved in;

  • staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of locksmithing and home security;

  • getting in touch with a trained locksmith who specializes in home locksmithing service, ask for an assessment and estimate and give them the green light to start reinforcing your home;

  • if you live in a big city like L.A., you should be able to easily get the best Los Angeles locksmith price online by searching a few specialized databases of locksmiths in your area or by receiving reliable reference from someone you can trust;

  • simple lock rekeying that is cheaper than new lock installation can solve a lot of issues you might be having with your locks around the house. A trained eye will immediately determine whether your lock needs simple cleaning and lubrication service or if it is best to have it rekeyed.

  • Consider installing or updating your home alarm system as it has been proven to deter most burglars unwilling to risk being caught by a security company or the local authorities while attempting to break into your home.

Install Locks On Your Cabinets

This is not only necessary in case you have small children who are at the age of wandering around the house looking for new place to play with, but also to prevent other unfortunate happenings as well. For example, if you are known to buy a lot of high-end cosmetics and bath products or fine clothes, someone might try to steal them from you in the desire to sell or for personal use. This is why it is important to keep your most expensive items around the house, cosmetics included, inside locked cabinets and drawers. There are many different types of simple or smart, electronic locks and padlocks you could be using at the moment; not sure which is the best your money can buy? Ask a locksmith and have them personally install everything for you so you can enjoy the locks' effective use since day one.

While it isn't recommended to keep all of your cosmetics in the bathroom cabinet because high humidity and temperatures can cause damage to their ingredients, you will inevitably use the cabinet for partial storage. Keep sturdy padlocks on the cabinets for more peace of mind; avoid keeping your facial scrubs and cleansers in the shower as they will take in water and be filed with bacteria. Use your dressing table for storage and add a small safety lock on it as well.